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Snappy Webpages

Soul Search Media has developed a tool built in the Python Programming Language, to find out more about the Programming language check out the official Python Website

To create this content you write as many sentences or blocks of copy you need and you intersperse that with variables. The sentences are written using HTML code so you get all the correct visual effect. Once you are happy with the sentences and the variables you run the Snappy Webpages programme and paste the output into a spreadsheet containing the variables and heh presto your unique content is created. You then simply have to upload it into the CMS that we can also provide and you will have content rich pages that can be put live immediately.

We have used this technique to great effect with a number of clients who see the positioning in google for the search terms they want to be found for quickly move to page one.

This service is completely SEO compliant and forms part of our Search Engine Optimisation Service.

As you would expect we do not give access to our programme as it is copyright protected what we do offer is a copywriting service at greatly reduced costs.

Pricing can vary depending on the complexity of the copy and the industry, some sample prices are detailed below but are ball park only, a detailed proposal would be completed for each enquiry.

Less than 200 pages of unique content £10 per page

200-300 Pages of unique content £8 per page

300-500 Pages of content £6 per page

500-800 Pages of content £5 per page

800 plus pages of content £4 per page

Please feel free to Contact Us for more information.